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2014-16 MA Art. Illustration. Painting. Manchester Metropolitain

1995-97 BA (Hons) Graphic Design/Illustration. Liverpool John Moores


Drawing and painting as a young boy, I maintained my love for visual art making throughout a varied career. Initialy trained and practiced as a graphic artist/Illustrator. Producing work for national and international clients through my agent. Briefly employed as a qualified mental health nurse. Painting full time until the present. I have exhibited widely. My work is held in public, and private collections. 


I consider myself a painter of the human condition, my work is predominately figuritive although my practice can be decribed as  eclectic, as I tend to position myself within a wide stylistic paradigm, continousely searching for a visual language that fulfills my current and future aspirations. My work concerns the mortality, morality and spirituality of human existance. It embodies the envirobiopsychosociospirtual paradigms of man. My aim is not to merely illustrate these factors , but rather to imbue the paint and is visual aesthetics with an ambiance and otherworldliness encombant of the esscence of existance, with particular regard to pushing visual boundaries towards the future. Paintings imposing prescence is a visual catalyst for a purposeful, marked realisation of the ideological representation of the future of mankind. My current work is an attempt to accomplish an aesthetic all encompassing of a technological age, that is, not merely a representation  of science fiction but rather an acknowledgement that modern painting should seek to look to the future, and that enquisitive understanding, creates a vision that should be realised.